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Energy Star

80 PLUS qualified power supplies are an integral part of the latest ENERGY STAR label specification for computers.

The EPA has strengthened the requirements for earning the ENERGY STAR to meet energy use guidelines in three distinct operating modes: standby, active, and sleep modes. This ensures energy savings when computers are being used and performing a range of tasks, as well as when they are in standby. ENERGY STAR qualified computers must also have a more efficient internal power supply that meets the 80 PLUS specifications.


TopTen USA

TopTen USA is a nonprofit organization that identifies and publicizes the most energy-efficient products on the market. We make it easy for consumers to find the most energy- and money-saving models, which in turn encourages manufacturing innovations that will make products in the United States even more energy-efficient. Modeled after organizations located in 16 different European countries, TopTen USA intends to transform the American market from the one of excessive energy use to one that actively sustains products with the highest practical energy-efficiency.



Verdiem helps you accurately measure PC and Mac energy consumption, enforce policies for greater energy efficiency, and optimize savings. Beginning with establishing a baseline of current energy usage, Verdiem automatically detects and groups devices and captures the most accurate energy usage data. Customers can capture energy costs through time to accurately reflect energy expenditures and savings in each location. With this data, organizations can identify opportunities to save energy by learning how their energy usage varies by department, location, device type, and more.



EPEAT is a system used to help purchasers evaluate, compare and select desktop computers, notebooks and monitors based on a wide array of environmental attributes. EPEAT also provides manufacturers with a clear and consistent set of performance criteria for the design of ‘greener’ products. They were developed through a comprehensive, multi-year, stakeholder process underwritten by the US EPA that included environmental advocates, manufacturers, public and private purchasers, electronics recyclers, and technology researchers.

EPEAT products are sold by the same manufacturers and at the same prices as comparable business computers.


BITS Limited - Smart Strips

BITS Limited manufacturers Smart Strips, a surge protector that saves time, energy and money. The primary function of any power bar is to provide some level of power surge protection to electrical devices plugged into them. The smart strip is different from other power bars in this respect in that it offers surge protection and saves energy by eliminating idle or "phantom" current.