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GaN Technology: A Lean, Green (Power) Machine
Sponsored by: Texas Instruments, May 31st, 2017
"The devil is in the details when designing a Titanium-grade power supply with gallium-nitride technology, from driver circuits and new power design topologies to digital control schemes and new product qualification tests..." More >>

Is it worth investing in a high-efficiency power supply?
ExtremeTech, December 12th, 2012
"If you’ve gone shopping for a power supply any time over the last few years, you’ve probably noticed the explosive proliferation of various 80 Plus ratings. As initially conceived, an 80 Plus certification was a way for PSU manufacturers to validate that their power supply units were..." More >>

POWER-ONE, INC., November 22nd, 2010
"The PFE1100-12-054NA shown on the right is a 1U form factor, 54 mm wide power supply capable of 1100 watts at high line and de-rates in a low line condition..." More >>

80 PLUS Energy-Efficient Computing Program Adds Lenovo To Program
NEEA, April 13th, 2010
"The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) today announced an agreement with one of North America's largest PC makers, Lenovo, to join the 80 PLUS Program, a NEEA-supported energy efficiency program that helps bring highly energy-efficient computers to customers throughout North America." More >>

80 PLUS and the SNIA Green Storage Initiative
SNIA, April 13th, 2010
"The Storage Networking Industry Association's (SNIA) Green Storage Initiative (GSI) today announced significant progress and has built momentum in support of several additional Green initiatives." More >>

New 80 PLUS Platinum Power Supplies Top 90 Percent Efficiency, Target Datacenters
Daily Tech, December 9th, 2009
"The idea for the 80 PLUS program was first presented five years ago, and it has been readily embraced by OEMs, consumers, institutions, and businesses as an easy way to
reduce power consumption and save money." More >>

Raid Inc. Launches Fusion Series 4-in-1 Nehalem Solution
Marketwire, August 26th, 2009
"Four nodes share one redundant power supply and four cooling fans, and the 80 PLUS gold Efficiency Power Supplies run at 50% utilitzation.." More >>

Getting the green on 'green' PCs
ZDNet Asia , August 24th, 2009
"Chong Tze Sing, Lenovo's product manager for Asean, noted that energy consumption differences between an Energy Star-rated machine and one that is not, can be significant.." More >>

80 PLUS power supplies and your home computer
Examiner, June 29, 2009
"Trying to save some money? A long-term idea is to change your computer power supply to an 80 Plus certified power supply." More >>

Byte Me: The greening of computers
Scene, April 30, 2009
"If you're in the market for an energy efficient computer, you’re going to want to be sure to get one that has an 80 Plus Certified power supply. 80 Plus Certification is an electric utility-funded program to promote energy efficient power supplies for desktop computers and servers." More >>

FSP Group, with the most number of 80 PLUS certified models, earns its first 80 PLUS gold certification for FSP700-90TGN
Fair News, April 22, 2009
"FSP Groups company mission is to develop Green Power products. In order to achieve this goal, FSP Group has been developing all of the products with 80PLUS qualifications." More >>

Antec's New 80 PLUS Certified EarthWatts 750 Delivers Big Power, Low Energy Usage and Improved Performance
Marketwire, April 21, 2009
"The EA-750 is one of the most cost-effective and energy-efficient power supplies available and consumes up to
33 percent less energy than an equivalent power supply with no reduction in performance and meets 80
PLUS® certification, the most widely recognized independent standard in energy efficiency."
More >>

10 Steps for Greening an IT department
Computerworld, April 20, 2009
"The data center gets all the press, but there are plenty of other areas where IT professionals and users of IT services can dramatically reduce an organization's effect on the environment. Here are 10 ways to get started:" More >>

OCZ Technology Achieves 80 PLUS Gold and Silver Efficiency with New Z-Series Power Supplies

OCZ Technology, April 2, 2009
"San Jose, Calif. April 2, 2009 OCZ Technology Group, Inc., a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra-high performance and high reliability memory and PC components, is pleased to announce that their Z-Series line of PSUs have been certified at the highest efficiency levels by 80 Plus®, making the power supplies an exceptional choice for power users demanding the ultimate in performance and efficiency." More >>

Study: U.S. Companies Waste $2.8 Billion Annually to Power Idle PCs
Environmental Leader, March 25, 2009
"Key findings of the 2009 PC Energy Report, commissioned by 1E and the Alliance to Save Energy, reveal that nearly half of U.S. employees who use a PC at work don’t shut down their computers at the end of the day, wasting $2.8 billion every year powering 108 million unused PCs" More >>

Top 10 Predictions for the North American Utility Industry

Energy Insights , January 20, 2009
"Last January the price of oil topped $90 a barrel and was headed even higher. Energy stocks were up 10 percent for the year. Venture capital investments in cleantech hit a new high and climate change was the dominant new driver of expected investment in energy and information technologies. Over the past year climate change hasn't gone away but nearly everything else has changed." More >>

3Y Sunny Series Gets Gold / Climate Saver 3
3Y Power Press Center , December 18, 2008
"3Y Power is proud to announce that it's Sunny Series YM-2651B received the 80 PLUS Gold / Climate Saver 3 certification with a typical efficiency of 92.65% ." More >>

Plugging the Drain with Green Power Supplies
Greener Computing , October 15th, 2008
"Manufacturers of computers, cell phones and other must-have devices have invested a lot of time, money, and effort making their products more environmentally friendly. But there hasn't been a lot of talk around improving the environmental impact of the
power supplies that keep these gadgets charged and operational." More >>

Making the Datacenter Green, Environmentally Friendly Options for the Datacenter
ServiceXen, September 23rd, 2008
"Data centers inherently conflict with the green movement: they operate in an 'always on' state, consume copious amounts of energy, and use equipment containing toxic chemicals that can harm health and the environment. But all of that is changing. " More >>

Dell Driving Transition to Energy-Efficient LED Displays
Market Watch
, September 22nd, 2008
"Dells plans to transition all of its new laptop displays to light-emitting diode (LED) in the next 12 months, a major achievement in its commitment to become the 'greenest' technology company on the planet. " More >>

SGI Altex Blade Servers Earn Rare Industry Certification for Energy Efficiency
SGI, July 23rd, 2008
"As more organizations look for ways to battle soaring energy costs, SGI (NASDAQ: SGIC) today announced that all of its blade-based servers incorporate 80 PLUS certified power supplies.." More >>

NXP Announces First PC Power Supply Solution to Achieve the 80 PLUS Gold Standard
Business Wire , July 23rd, 2008
"NXP Semiconductors, the independent semiconductor company founded by Philips, today announced that its GreenChip PC chipset has achieved 80 PLUS Gold certification for a reference design, as set by Ecos Consulting and the 80 PLUS Program." More >>

HP Launches Low-Cost AMD Workstation
InfoWorld, July 2nd, 2008
"HP xw4550 workstation with a quad-core Opteron chip offers the performance of a workstation at the price of a conventional desktop PC. This workstation is also registered as an Electronic Products Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) Gold product, the highest rating available. Each workstation [also] includes an 80 PLUS power supply..." More >>

Dell Gets a Jump on Energy Star 5.0
InfoWorld, June 25th, 2008
"Over the past month...Dell has set a couple of new bars for PSU efficiency, unveiling the first 80 Plus Silver certified PSU for desktops and just today announcing the first 80 Plus Gold-certified PSU for servers." More >>

Dell Hits Server Efficiency Targets a Year Early
CNET News, June 25th, 2008
"Dell on Wednesday said its server power supplies have met an industry target of 92 percent efficiency." More >>

Dell Makes World's First 80 PLUS Gold Power Supplies
PC Magazine , June 25th, 2008
"It seems like just yesterday that 80 percent efficiency was a challenge to achieve...because it was." More >>

Evolving Power Supplies, Batteries Address Energy Management Concerns, May 26th, 2008
"The power inefficiencies associated with many older desktops and servers start with the lowly power supply. But now these components are getting a makeover...." More >>

Cooler Master Announces 1st Ever 80 PLUS Silver Certified High Wattage Power Supply on the Market with the UCP 900W
Cooler Master News , May 26th, 2008
"We at 80 PLUS® are delighted to applaud Cooler Master as the first power supply manufacturer to meet Silver certification status for a multi-output power supply in production." More >>

Perfecting the PC - Computers are Getting Better, but Consumer Habits Matter, Too
The Environmental Magazine , May 2008
"Your personal computing habits may need a green makeover. " More >>

Corsair Achieves 80 PLUS Cert for Power Supplies

ExtremeTech, April 10th, 2008

"Corsair, known for its specialty PC products, said Thursday that is has achieved an 80 PLUS certification rating across its entire power supply line..." More >>

Look for PCs wearing the EPA's new Energy Star 4 label
PC World, July 20, 2007
"One of the big changes in the requirements of Energy Star 4: Newly qualified computers must include a more energy-efficient power supply" More >>

It's Not Easy Buying Green
Business Week, May 15, 2007
"80 PLUS is doing a great job," says Forrester's Mines. "For any systems manufacturer that wants to buy more efficient power supplies, they're there." More >>

Energy bills rising? These tips may help
Network World , May 10, 2007
"Tech Networks says its computers use 25% less power than standard gear due largely to the use of energy-efficient power supplies certified by Ecos Consulting’s 80 PLUS Program." More >>

SSI PSDG Recommends 80 PLUS Efficiency
Server System Infrastructure, April 2007
"SSI joins with 80 PLUS® to promote energy efficiency of power supplies used in data centers and enterprise servers." More >>

Five simple steps for maximizing PC energy efficiency
Green Supply Line, April 20, 2007
"Step 4: Choose a system configuration with an 80 percent efficient power supply. These power supplies can reduce energy consumption, provide root mean square (RMS) and peak AC current reduction." More >>

ON Semi's ATX Reference Design Exceeds New ENERGY STAR® Efficiency Standards for Desktop Computers
PowerPulse.Net, April 20, 2007
"ON Semiconductor unveiled what it claims is the industry’s first open ATX reference design that meets the new ENERGY STAR® performance requirements for ATX power supplies used in desktop PCs scheduled to take effect this July." More >>

10 Eco-Friendly Gadgets
PC Magazine , April 20, 2007
"If your computer makes more noise than your neighbor's kids, it's time to change the power supply. California-based Antec offers computer power supplies that are not only quieter, but can save money on your electric bill." More >>

80 PLUS Recognized with BEST Award
City of Portland, April 19, 2007
Ecos’ 80 PLUS Program won the BEST (Businesses for an Environmentally Sustainable Tomorrow) Award for Resource Conservation or Management.  The City of Portland annually recognizes local businesses that are making sustainability an integral part of business operations-by providing environmentally friendly products and services, conserving and effectively managing resources, building green, developing sustainable food systems, and more.

More >>

Utilities Push 80-Plus Power Supply Standard
CRN, March 12, 2007
"A two-year old campaign by electric utilities to get system builders to use more efficient power supplies appears to be gaining traction, thanks to an increasingly energy-conscious marketplace, $5 million in rebates and pending new Energy Star standards." More >>

HP Launches Energy Star-Compliant PCs
PC Magazine, March 12, 2007
"When configured with the other Energy Star 4.0 hardware requirements, 80 PLUS-an electric utility-funded incentive program to integrate more energy-efficient power supplies into desktop computers and servers-can reduce total system power consumption..." More >>

Tech Giants to Unveil Power-Usage Plan
The Wall Street Journal, February 26, 2007
"The rising cost of energy to operate computer rooms is forcing high-tech competitors to work together -- and maybe even agree on ways to measure the problem." More >>

The Green PC
PCMAG.COM, January 31, 2007
"Even the most hardcore DIY PC enthusiast may still be surprised to learn that the power supplies in most computers (PSUs for short) aren't designed for energy efficiency." More >>

Hub Firm rises to challenge of green computing
The Boston Globe, January 24, 2007
"Prodded by fears of global warming and surging electric bills, corporate computer users are demanding more energy-efficient machines, and the federal government is preparing to issue tough new standards for greener machines. Tech Networks of South Boston is ready." More >>

Data Centers: The heat is on
Government Computer News (GCN), January 22, 2007
More >>

HP to Offer 80 PLUS-Certified Power Supplies Starting January 2007
Flex Your Power e-Newswire, December 13, 2006
More >>

HP Unveils Affordable, Energy-saving Business PC Products
HP News Release, November 15, 2006
"This January, HP's 80 percent efficient power supplies will be an option for the recently introduced HP Compaq dc7700,(4) dc5700 and dc5750 series desktop PCs."

" ' The 80 PLUS Program is pleased to welcome HP as the first tier 1 computer manufacturer to join the program,' said Kent Dunn, senior program manager, 80 PLUS. 'HP's progressive approach to energy efficiency will enable its customers to enjoy the many benefits associated with 80 PLUS qualified computers.' " More >>

Surfing for market share? Ride the efficiency wave
EDN, November 9, 2006
More >>

EPA sets strict rules for Energy Star 4.0
IDG News Service, October 26, 2006
"PC vendors that want to gain marketing leverage by displaying an "Energy Star" sticker on their computers have nine months to meet a tough new specification announced Monday by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)."

"In another requirement, the new spec demands at least 80 percent efficiency for the internal power supply, a big jump from the 65 to 70 percent efficiency typically found today, said Jeff Austin, a product marketing manager with Intel Corp." More >>

Google's energy savings push may power larger industry initiative
Network World, September 28, 2006
"Billions of dollars in wasted energy hangs in the balance and that is money that computer users and corporations can take to the bank..." More >>

Google to push for more electrical efficiency in PCs
The New York Times, Sepember 26, 2006
"Google is calling on the computer industry to create a simpler and more efficient power supply standard that it says will save billions of kilowatt-hours of energy annually." "The existing effort, 80 Plus, sets an 80 percent efficiency standard as a goal. It is a partnership between Ecos Consulting, an environmental consulting firm, and a group of electric utility companies." More >>

Towards a more efficient computing infrastructure
Google Blog, Sepember 26, 2006
"Typical power supplies waste 30-45% of their input power, and relatively simple modifications can bring this waste down to 10%. Others, like 80 PLUS, have also identified and targeted these inefficiencies." More >>

80 PLUS adds to computer efficiency, August 30, 2006
More >>

Prodded by Consumers, The Computer Industry Slowly Grows Greener
The Wall Street Journal, June 14, 2006
"Kent Dunn, senior program manager with Ecos Consulting, an energy research outfit in Portland, Ore., that helped develop the new power-supply guidelines, says that each one-watt savings in PC power results in the saving of at least a third of a watt in cooling costs, and possibly more. For companies running through millions of watts of computing power each year, such savings can add up." More >>

Energy efficiency takes centre stage at Dallas conference, March 26, 2006
"PC vendors that want to gain marketing leverage by displaying an "Energy Star" sticker on their computers have nine months to meet a tough new specification announced Monday by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)." More >>

80 PLUS Not the Average "Wall Wart"
Cleantechblog, March 8, 2006
"...improvements in power supply efficiency could save more than 1% of all U.S. electricity use. This would not require the invention of better power supplies, but the expansion of market opportunities for the highly efficient technologies that already exist..." More >>

80 PLUS TM: Shrinking the Energy Appetite of Modern Computers
Energy Vortex - EFPN, March 2006
"...However, despite their undeniable benefits, the widespread proliferation of computers has unexpectedly created unintended and problematic side effects. One side effect is the insatiable and uncontrollable energy appetite of these devices, which collectively consume as much as 10 to 15 percent of the overall energy bill of a typical commercial building. The 80 PLUS program, a unique initiative designed to resolve this problem, is bringing energy efficiency to the computer industry and delivering a whole new generation of energy-efficient computers to the marketplace..." More >>

Energy Adviser: AC power converters waste cash, electricity
The Columbian - Life & Home, February 19,2006
"...The 80 PLUS program sets a new industry standard to promote the use of high efficiency power supplies in new computers and servers. The program provides financial incentives through utility funding to computer manufacturers who use power supplies that exceed 80 percent efficiency in their products..." More >>

Oregon Company Announces Green PC
Treehugger Magazine, December 22, 2005
More >>

Seasonic SS-400HT PSU, 80 Plus version
Silent PC Review
More >>