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Take Advantage of Plug Load Solutions

BUY PLS qualified products and specify in procurement policies to realize the many benefits of energy-efficient computers.

  • Reduce energy consumption and save money
  • Reduce heat output from computers and decrease building cooling costs
  • Increase computer reliability and save on computer maintenance costs
  • Allow more computers to be run on the same branch circuit and avoid costly electrical infrastructure upgrades

PLS encourages you to consider the following Life Cycle Management Solutions:

ENABLE POWER MANAGEMENT: Putting inactive monitors and computers to sleep saves energy and money. Power management software can be deployed to manage multiple PCs and reduce energy at the network level.

DONATE or RECYCLE: Extending the life of a computer and proper disposal saves energy and protects the environment.

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How do I include ENERGY STAR® in my procurement specifications?

It is easy! Click here [824KB .DOC]

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