PLS Utility Partners

Save Energy with Plug Load Solutions (PLS)

Utility energy efficiency incentive programs often focus on the large energy users: HVAC systems, commercial equipment and lighting. But collectively, PCs and monitors, televisions, printers, task lamps, device chargers, and other “plug load” devices that are plugged into wall outlets account for a fast growing portion of business and residential annual energy consumption. Over the next 20 years, the Energy Information Agency projects that U.S. commercial and residential plug loads will increase by 120% and 60% respectively. Instead of investing more money on new sources of power generation, utilities have the opportunity to focus on a simpler and more cost-effective solution: bringing more efficient electronics to market.

Greening the Office and Home

More and more, IT procurement directors and residential consumers want “green products” without a “green price.” Utility partners are key to offering incentives that will bring plug load savings to market. With your sponsorship of Plug Load Solutions, the opportunities for sustained kWh savings are enormous.

Join Us Today and Bring Big Savings to Market

With the support of current utility partnerships, manufacturer and retailer participation is strong. However, expanded support from new utility partners will ensure accelerated adoption of efficient electronic plug in devices. For more information on becoming a utility partner, contact Ryan Rasmussen, Program Manager at or (503) 525-2700 x163

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